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3 Reasons to Attend Berlin's TechSummit 2017

Techsummit by leaseweb in Berlin, 13.4.2016 at Kulturbrauerei. Copyright Raum11/Jan Zappner
Techsummit by leaseweb in Berlin, 13.4.2016 at Kulturbrauerei. Copyright Raum11/Jan Zappner(photo: Agentur Raum 11)

Sourcefabric is proud to announce that we are one of the media sponsors for the upcoming 2017 TechSummit, an event which will be held at Berlin’s very own Kulturbrauerei on April 12. This event aims to bring together the tech community for a day of informal chat and information exchange around the theme of “Building Reliability At Scale.”

We were able to have to a brief interview with the TechSummit’s program chair, Sander Poelwijk, and here’s what he had to say:

"How do you see the topics covered in this year’s TechSummit in relation to open source?"

TechSummit is first and foremost about technology. When we started the program 2 years ago we wanted to bring together a community of people to discuss technology in a deep way, free from any particular commercial concerns. While we never took a specific stand on open or closed source, what we found was that because of the nature of the conference and audience, most speakers have wanted to cover open source projects. This year, our speakers will discuss a wide range of topics surrounding the theme “Building Reliability at Scale” In Berlin, for example, there will be talks covering Prometheus, Docker, Kubernetes, Chef and Openstack.

“Why should someone attend this year’s event?”

We are quite excited about this year’s event. TechSummit has grown rapidly over the past couple of years, and we are always looking for new ways to bring real issues and developments within the Tech community to the stage. We gear the event towards people who are working hands on in the industry, so it’s the perfect conference if you have strong interest in and knowledge of technology. We have brought together a lineup of world class speakers - covering a wide range of topics - in order to offer both their own insight and to spark conversations between participants. Our goal is to have you head home new ideas and things to research.

"What is your favorite part of TechSummit?"

That’s easy, the atmosphere. It was important to us from the outset to create a highly technical event with a spirit of open exchange. While our global events are starting points, our hope is that the exchange of ideas and solutions shared there are just the beginning of an ongoing conversation that is continued through the TechSummit.io website and through to the following year. At each TechSummit so many new ideas and projects are brought to light that it would be a shame to have it end there.  With each passing event we hear more and more about people who started new projects or improved their infrastructure based on the TechSummit talks and conversations. This makes me think that we are definitely on the right track.

Techsummit Berlin 2017

Techsummit Berlin 2017

Sourcefabric would like to offer you the opportunity to win two free tickets (50€ value) to this year’s Tech Summit in Berlin. If tech is your thing , send us a tweet @sourcefabric for your chance to win these two free tickets to the TechSummit. We look forward to hearing from you... and seeing you there!