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Welcome to Superdesk.org!

Superdesk.org has everything you need to know about the latest Superdesk developments. Check it out.
Superdesk.org has everything you need to know about the latest Superdesk developments. Check it out.

Between our recent partnership with AAP, the leaps and bounds we’ve made in the development of our Superdesk system and the continued development of all our software, it’s been a busy past few months. That being said, spring brought with it some much-needed energy for the development of a new website for Superdesk!

As Superdesk grows (and it is doing so very quickly), so should its online presence. That’s why we are excited to release the new Superdesk.org website, a site dedicated to everything you need to know about Superdesk.

We developed this website so that we could have a space to be specific about exactly what Superdesk does and the ways that users can get involved in the development and testing process. On this new website not only will you find information about Superdesk, but you can also see an outline of our mission, the most up-to-date news and announcements and guidelines for submitting feature requests and fixing bugs. Our website is aimed at anyone interested in Superdesk. We have information for developers looking to get involved, organisations that are interested in becoming a development partner, and people just looking for more information on the project and the company that supports it.

This is the first version of our website and we will be adding new sections and features shortly. In the pipeline will be some updates to the documentation for developers, a new video section including screencasts and talks, and a 'developers blog'. So stay tuned for more! 

Please have a look around the site and let us know if something looks wrong, if something might be missing, or if you just have some general suggestions for improvement. We would love to hear your feedback! Many thanks for your ongoing support for this exciting project.

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