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Introducing Newscoop 4.3, with new plugins

Newscoop 4.3 has new plugins that will help you to engage users in new ways. | Photo Flickr user Alan Levine (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Newscoop 4.3 has new plugins that will help you to engage users in new ways. | Photo Flickr user Alan Levine (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Newscoop 4.3 is the easiest, most open and most extensible Newscoop yet. For developers, it’s now easier than ever to enhance the system by contributing code, adding plugins and writing applications. For newsrooms, new plugins and a new RESTful API allows users to add more value to their journalism.

Download Newscoop 4.3

Major features of Newscoop 4.3

Enhanced plugins system
Building new plugins for your website just got easier and quicker. You can now build custom features for Newscoop with the new plugin system which relies on Symfony’s easily extendable framework. Now building a new plugin is as simple as writing a Symfony bundle.

New plugins
Thanks to the enhanced plugin system, there are a number of new plugins that can provide new services that will in turn allow you to engage with users in new ways.

  • Paywall: Simple, powerful plugin that helps online publishers sell access to their content.
  • Solr search: Adds the popular open source enterprise search platform to your Newscoop instance.
  • Feedback: Form lets audience send feedback, including attached files and images. Messages are stored in the backend.
  • Newsletter: Integrate Mailchimp as a newsletter service into your Newscoop instance.
  • Featured comments plugin: Give your readers a voice. Pick reader comments in your Newscoop commenting system and feature them on your homepage.
  • Facebook login: Allows users to login as Community members with their Facebook accounts.
  • Instagram: Ingest, manage, and display Instagram photos in Newscoop.
  • Article recommendation: Allows users to recommend articles to others via email.
  • Articles calendar: Display ‘Article of the day’ in a calendar view widget on your website.
  • Analytics via Piwik: Allows easy integration of the leading open source web analytics platform.
  • Classifieds: Publish classified advertisements on your Newscoop instance.

The Newscoop RESTful API provides more access to your content so you or third party developers can utilize it in unique ways. Build native mobile applications or other web services or applications. Invite your audience to share not just their comments but also user generated content, eyewitness media and crowd verification. Give third-party sites access to the information stored within Newscoop. We created a brief tutorial on working with the Newscoop RESTful API.

As always, this Newscoop update is a result of feedback and opinions from our users and customers. This feedback continues to help us release better versions. Thanks to everyone  who worked hard on this release.

Download Newscoop 4.3

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