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Time's running out! Get twice the impact from your contribution to Citizen Desk 2.0

Great news: A private donor has come forward with an offer of matching funds for Citizen Desk 2.0!

That means that from now until January 19, every dollar you contribute is doubled up to a total of $20,000!

As you probably know, we’re currently raising money for the next stage of development on Citizen Desk, our open source platform for citizen journalism. (If you haven’t already seen our page at the Indie Voices crowdfunding site, please check it out now.)

The matching funds make our goal much more attainable, but we still have a long, long way to go. Just a few days remain until the January 19 deadline.

But we can do it with your help. If everyone reading this post contributed just $10, we could meet our fundraising goal and secure the development of Citizen Desk 2.0!

Please go to the Citizen Desk page on Indie Voices and contribute what you can today.

Thanks to everyone for your support!