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A night of open thinking with open organisations in Cluj

Make the most of the open web!. Credit: Flickr | Spiders Web by Lida Rose. CC BY ND 2.0
Make the most of the open web!. Credit: Flickr | Spiders Web by Lida Rose. CC BY ND 2.0(photo: Make the most of the open web!. Credit: Flickr | Spiders Web by Lida Rose. CC BY ND 2.0)

April 18th will see our first community event in Cluj and we're thrilled about it. Earlier in the year, we blogged about the Romanian technopolis (where our Superdesk team is based!) and how we hoped media organisations everywhere would benefit from the innovation taking place in the city. Now we hope to connect innovators with organisations that can really benefit from this technology.

Sourcefabric will be joining Mozilla, OSOM (Open Source for Open Minds) and renowned journalist Andrei Aronet for a special event called 'Open thinking for open organisations.' The plan is to take the open strategies employed in open web and open media projects and see how organisations from all sectors – especially media, business and the internet – can gain from the 'open' revolution.

Entrepreneurs, coders and journalists will fill top tech space ClujHub to discuss new strategies, tactics and tools: the meme of the night is collaboration!

Sourcefabric will be talking about the creators, hackers and sharers that make up their community, enabling anyone, anywhere to become a content creator (whether newspaper, radio station or publisher). The fantastic Ioana Chiorean will share exciting projects from Mozilla including WebFWD , #teachtheweb, Webmaker and the upcoming Mozilla Festival.

OSOM (Open Source Open Mind ) are developing and sustaining a healthy free/libre/open source software (FLOSS) environment in Romania. Marcela Oniga will share their experiences, while freelance blogger and journalist Andrei Aroneţ will describe how software developers can relate to journalists who are just now getting used to the new media landscape and to share his vision for adapting software to good journalism, and not the other way around.

All in all, a stellar line-up, and an evening not to be missed. Sign up to the Facebook or Lanyrd pages to let us know you are attending, and use the #newsbetacj hashtag to tweet your thoughts on our themes remotely. We'll try to stream and live blog the event too!