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Sourcefabric website redesign tours Belgrade and B92 studios

Welcome to Beograd | Photo credit Flickr Sourcefabric (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)
Welcome to Beograd | Photo credit Flickr Sourcefabric (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

We travelled to Belgrade recently where our designers and implementations team work and reside. The goal was to redesign Sourcefabric's online identity. For close to a week, we hashed out plans to overhaul our print and web materials.This opportunity brought members of our internal team together, combining their skills in design, website implementations and communications.

From concept to creation

The team are working together to make sure the right content, aesthetic and navigation are portrayed outwardly. Sourcefabric's diverse interest group range from large media organisations and NGOs to open source technology enthusiasts and journalists. This broad group makes it an interesting yet challenging project. Because of this complexity, the decision to work alongside one another in person, brought Adam Thomas, Head of Communications at Sourcefabric, from Berlin to Belgrade.

Inside the studios of B92

Along the way we found time to tour the city and take a very interesting peek inside the studios at B92. The famous radio and television station has a long history as an independent media organisation, winning many awards for journalism and fighting for human rights since 1989. The visit was a great chance for us to "see how the other half lives", getting a sense of the environment journalists work in every day.  Here are a few images that provide a visual story from this trip.

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