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The little USB stick that packs a big open source punch

Image 1057
Image 1057(photo: Kristin Trethewey)

A few months ago Sourcefabric stepped into a new world of distributing our products and services. We decided to expand our product range and ship hardware as well as the software you already know. Licensing and trademarking hardware is a long and arduous process that includes many meetings and long paper trails. We decided to make a first step. And voila, we are happy to announce that the humble USB stick available with bootable versions of all our open source software are available for sale on Amazon.ca!

However, we didn't want to sell something we didn't think was genuinely cool or useful. What comes packed onto this USB stick is essentially the easiest way to get a sense of what Sourcefabric produces everyday: better tools for journalist, radio djs and publishers who want to work with open source technology. The USB stick comes pre-loaded with Airtime, Newscoop and Booktype. Plug it in, boot it and you are all set up.

Three reasons to buy a USB stick with Sourcefabric software

  1. You can help Sourcefabric establish itself in the North American market and pave the way for more interesting hardware to come. If you believe in open source software or independent news this will help us continue with our mission to better both interest groups, and you can help us do all that just by buying a USB stick.
  2. Take home a collectors item for a discounted fee. For the next two weeks we have decided to make these USB sticks half price. This means that not only are we not making any fee off the original price, but for a limited time we will sell them for less than what they cost us to produce. So you get a pretty good deal especially right now!
  3. Show your friends how to use open source tools for media on any computer that runs Ubuntu 10.4. With this USB stick in hand, Airtime, Newscoop and Booktype software are ready to plug and play without any downloading or installations. If you are an open source enthusiast you can spread the gospel easily showing friends, family or colleagues the back end interface of these software much more easily.

So first you have to make a choice

Pick your favourite colour: Newscoop blue, Airtime orange, Superdesk green or Booktype purple.


Pick your favourite software:

  • Newscoop is the open content management system for professional journalists and online newspapers.
  • Airtime provides open source radio software for scheduling, automation and remote station management.
  • Superdesk is open software for managing newsroom content.
  • Booktype is the open source platform to write and publish print and digital books.

...Nonetheless you can try them all

No matter which USB key you choose all the Sourcefabric software is bundled on to each and every one. Not only will you be supporting the software you already love you can test run all our other software you may be less familiar with. You never know whether an upcoming project you or a friend is working on may come in handy by trying this software beforehand. Help yourself or someone you love find the perfect open source software to get their work out into the world and help Sourcefabric continue to develop more great open source tools.

  • Pick up a Sourcefabric USB stick at a limited time reduced price on Amazon today!