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Newscoop Theme Development Workshop in Berlin

Newscoop is Sourcefabric's open source content management system (CMS) that helps journalists and independent media organisations all over the world produce better online publications.

Huge interest in the platform has left Sourcefabric needing more theme developers who are interested in working with us on a freelance basis. Here you can find more information on Newscoop’s benefits, features and users. 

The workshop

One of Newscoop’s most powerful aspects is its template engine, which separates design and content to give complete control over the look and feel of a site. Sourcefabric is running a two-day workshop to provide you with a smooth introduction to Newscoop’s templating language with a view to becoming part of our freelance theme development team.

If you are interested in getting started, we recommend you read the free Newscoop Cookbook

Sourcefabric’s Senior Template Developers, Ljuba Rankovic, who implemented our latest big project TagesWoche and Tomasz Rondio,  will lead the workshop. You will have the opportunity to meet an international team of experienced developers, from Poland, Serbia, Colombia and Germany.

What skills do you need?

First of all, a passion for building tools that make a difference. An interest in and experience of theme and template development is a must. That could mean (but not necessarily) that you...

  • know HTML5/CSS3 and jQuery 
  • have experience with theme development for other CMSes
  • are not afraid to edit PHP Scripts enjoy good design and are capable of converting screenshots to HTML/CSS
  • love developing templates for desktop or mobile (i.e adaptive CSS)

The workshop will take place on 21- 22 March 2012, from 10:00- 18:00, in Supermarkt, Studio 1, Brunnenstr. 64, 13355 Berlin. It will be held in English and is free.

During the Workshop, we will be taking care of catering. You will have to take care of travel and accommodation expenses but we would be more than happy to help you find the best options.

There are limited places left - if you are interested please send an application, ideally with some information about yourself and samples of your work as attachments or links. Deadline: 16. March. 

Apply now!


Katerina Michailidis