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From paper to pixels and back again - Objavi links solutions for publishers

by Borko Jandras 9.11.2012
Image 1186
Image 1186(photo: Kristin Trethewey)

The idea behind Booktype and Objavi is to support as many different types of output formats as possible and have the ability to create high quality outcomes for each from a single source document. Objavi started out as a part of the Booktype project, where it's role was making PDFs and EPUBs from books created inside the Booktype editor.

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Introducing BookJS

by Adam Hyde 26.10.2012
Image 1150
Image 1150(photo: Kristin Trethewey)

BookJS has been developed by Johannes Wilm, one of the core Booktype developers. What it does is very simple - you can add the javascript to any HTML page and it will format it like a book - directly in the browser. You can see page numbers, the table of contents, a title page, and left and right breaking pages etc. There is a very simple example of it in action here: http://sourcefabric.github.com/BookJS/

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Developing the Booktype community

by Adam Hyde 25.10.2012

We are building out the Booktype development community. There are many new ways to get involved on Github as well as the forums for more direct conversation about the tool Booktype.

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Booktype Pro is your one-stop publishing shop

by Kristin Trethewey 24.10.2012

Publishers, newspapers, print-on-demand services, educators... breathe a sigh of relief. Booktype Pro is here! No more lost manuscripts, overwritten Word files, awkward wikis or cumbersome CMSes. Replace all that hassle with a free, cloud-based service you can get started with right away. 

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Booktype at the Frankfurt Bookfair 2012

by Fabienne Riener 20.09.2012

Just two weeks until the Frankfurt Book Fair 2012. Booktype will be there the whole week and we would love if you come visit us. Check out the Tools of Change Conference and the Sparks Stage for our presentations and the Innovation hall where we will have a booth with our magazines for you.

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The little USB stick that packs a big open source punch

by Micz Flor, Adam Thomas 4.09.2012
Image 1057
Image 1057(photo: Kristin Trethewey)

Sourcefabric USB sticks are preloaded with all our software. Buying one of these sticks will help Sourcefabric and also allows you to easiiy test Newscoop, Airtime or Booktype open source software for independent news.

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And the winner is... Aloha! Choosing a web editor...

by Adam Thomas 16.08.2012
Image 1041
Image 1041(photo: Kristin Trethewey)

WYSIWHAT? was a week of unconferencing and development workshops at Sourcefabric in Berlin that brought folks from Newscoop, Booktype, Superdesk, OERPUB, Connexions and Siyavula together to discuss the future of the WYSIWYG editor.

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