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How to make your ‘Year in Review’ with Storyteller

A journey through 2015 as narrated by Nepali Times
A journey through 2015 as narrated by Nepali Times

December and January are usually the time of the year when individuals and organisations take some time to reflect on how the past year went, and where they are headed next. This is usually the point at which every major media outlet writes a “year’s best” post or puts together their annual ‘Year in Review’. Last December, Nepali Times, a leading English language weekly newspaper in Nepal, used our longform storytelling tool, Storyteller, to sum up what an eventful year 2015 was in Nepal. Here is how and why they chose this powerful and immersive format to showcase their year in review.  

An eventful year

A lot can happen in a year. In Nepal, 2015 was a very special and tumultuous one. An earthquake of 7.8 magnitude hit Nepal on April 25th. The earthquake and subsequent natural and humanitarian disasters have had an immense impact on life in the country and will continue to do so for years to come. But 2015 in Nepal was not only about the earthquake. The country also witnessed several other important events. Throughout the year Nepal agreed on a new constitution, elected its first ever female President, and opened seven new border-crossings with China. As we said, a lot happened.

So how do you condense all of this into a single review? How can you help readers relive the year, bring back highlights and milestones of the year just passed?

Many build lists, others make collages or produce a series of blog post. Nepali Times went one step further and developed a true “Multimedia review of 2015”.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Alongside any good text, a photo can take the message to another more powerful level. With Storyteller, Nepali Times was able to easily incorporate a lot of multimedia content in their story. Storyteller is in fact inspired by longform storytelling. Making full use of interactive and responsive design, Storyteller allows you to present news, stories, and ideas, in a manner that takes the reader on a storytelling journey, just by scrolling down the page.

The editorial team at Nepali Times took time to highlight the major events of 2015, and then coupled them with some of the best pictures from their photographers and videographers. In using Storyteller, they were able to realise the full potential of their storytelling. The result? A simple, yet powerful immersive multimedia review of the year.

Curious? Take a journey through 2015 as narrated by Nepali Times in their Year in Review.

(Note: at Sourcefabric, we usually like to walk the talk. This is why our own Year in Review was also built on Storyteller. To tell why 2015 was a wonderful year for Sourcefabric, we chose to highlight some important milestones for the organisation. We used slideshows, videos and pictures to accompany our readers throughout a very wonderful year.)

Nepali Times is a world-class English language weekly that provides in-depth reporting and expert commentary on Nepali politics, business, culture, travel and society. It has a loyal readership among Nepalis home and abroad, as well as the expatriate and diplomatic communities in Kathmandu.

Storyteller is our latest Newscoop theme. It allows for multimedia storytelling without the need for coding.

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