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Booktype 2.0 released, enabling authors and publishers to create books in their browser

Every user's activity, books, groups and collaborations are displayed in the Dashboard to allow an overview and direct access.
Every user's activity, books, groups and collaborations are displayed in the Dashboard to allow an overview and direct access.


Today we announce the release of a new version of Booktype, marking the most significant update since the open source software was initially launched. The redesigned Booktype 2.0 is based on the principle of single source publishing and allows authors to create beautiful books for print and digital distribution. Publishers can use Booktype to manage their entire catalogue in one place, providing authors, translators and proofreaders with all the tools they need.

“In Booktype 2.0 we have enhanced the collaborative functionalities, making it easier than ever to work in teams when creating and publishing books. Authors and publishers can write, import, edit and publish books within their browser. No extra software needed,” explains Julian Sorge, Managing Director of Booktype. “Booktype 2.0 is really easy to use, a new layout can be applied to complete the book with just one click!”

Booktype 2.0 allows for multiple input/outputs formats. A heuristic MS Word (docx) import capability enables you to import existing manuscripts (including chapter recognition), and the system also supports EPUB imports. Booktype 2.0 enables numerous output formats such as print and screen PDF, EPUB, MOBI, XHTML and XML. Thanks to this, books can now easily be “converted” from one medium to another, e.g. from screen to print.

Booktype is powering publishers and organisations worldwide. For example BoD (Books on Demand), the biggest ebook publisher in Europe, who developed their online authoring and publishing platform, easyEditor, on Booktype. Another client of Booktype for 2015 was Amnesty International, that produced their latest Annual Report 2014/15 with Booktype. For more information on Booktype, visit our Who’s Using page.

Highlights of the Booktype 2.0 release

  • Completely new design and user interface 
  • Heuristic MS Word import of manuscripts (chapter recognition) 
  • EPUB3 export (was EPUB2) 
  • Track changes functionality like in MS Word


Additional features

  • Extended admin settings with more control over the platform, user management, privacy settings etc. 
  • Flexible role management with detailed permission settings 
  • Chapter status to signalise work progress 
  • Change layout of complete book with one click 


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Find Booktype 2.0 complete Press Kit for download.


Julian Sorge, Booktype Managing Director, julian.sorge@booktype.pro

Letizia Gambini, Head of Communications, letizia.gambini@sourcefabric.org