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Start to finish, self-publishing solutions with Youcanprint.it and Booktype

The Youcanprint.it self-publishing team from Italy has a simple mission, to create the best self-publishing experience for authors. In today's publishing environment this simple tenet can carry a lot of weight as many more authors turn to self-produced options. With this in mind, Youcanprint.it approached the Booktype team to give authors a simple, powerful way to edit and create books. As Alessandro De Giorgi of Youcanprint.it states, "Booktype is actually the best book editing engine available." Their choice to integrate Booktype into their online platform reflects their simple and clear mandate.

Youcanprint.it is one of the most important Italian self-publishing platforms. With over 2,500 printed publications and 1,250 digital publications they represent about one-third of the Italian self-published book market. It seemed a match made in heaven for Booktype as well. The online tool for editing books could easily be integrated into a self-publishing process reaching a wider community of authors and publishers.

Alessandro told us a little bit about the behind-the-scenes process of getting Youcanprint.it up and running. "Integrating Booktype into their functionality was an exciting phase. Not only does Youcanprint.it offer authors the ability to publish their own books, but also to write and edit them in the same interface." It is a one-stop-shop solution for those in publishing. Alessandro told us "the Booktype team is great! They were kind, quick and of course able to offer professional technical solutions for the platform."

Both teams are excited about what the future possibilities will hold for self-publishing. Sourcefabric will continue to respond to this dynamic and growing market. It is an exciting time, and Youcanprint.it and Booktype are invested in the same goals: to offer writers and publishers a better way to make books in a digital world.